Monday, November 23, 2015

New Star Wars Micro Sets by Hasbro

With the excitement surrounding the new Star Wars film we have seen a resurgence of all things Star Wars, from toilet paper to fuzzy slippers.

I was surprised to see new Micro Machines Star Wars sets by Hasbro at Target a while back. The sets were alright, the price tags were too high for my taste. Mainly it was just weird seeing micro sets sold retail again. As quickly as they came they were gone and I haven't seen any since. Maybe I should have been an evil toy scalper, only time will tell.  Honestly though, I am so worn out on Star Wars merch. There's just too much! Now if Hasbro somehow obtained the rights to Mighty Max, I'd be all other those play sets! Or even a new toy line with similar sensibilities. 

Totally not an actor.

The new Star Wars sets are an obvious money grab, so Hasbro is not likely to bring back other Micro Machines themes, but one can always hope, a new hope...

UPDATE - June 2016

I still see Star Wars Micro Machines sets in the stores. More often than not, they are on "clearance". Still too much to pay. They also have blind bags. Freaking everything these days come in blind bags! Why pay $3 for one teeny figure!? I did cave though, and bought a blind bag. It was an AT-AT. The scale is way off though, my old Galoob Boba Fett is taller...

UFO - Mysteries of The Universe

Thank you to Little Weirdos for a review on UFO - Mysteries of The Universe.  Yet another micro set from the 90's that I knew nothing about until now!

There are only a few options on eBay currently.  1 set has a starting bid of $49.99 and includes all 3 space ships!  I am so tempted, but I need to save money right now.

Dino Drac also hasa review of all 3 HERE.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Body Wars now on eBay

A few months ago I was killing time on eBay, searching Star Wars micro play sets when I came across these beauties! I recently searched for them and they're still up for grabs.

Laser Lung

Hearty Heart

Body Wars is a fantastically rare micro toy line produced by Toy Max in limited quantities. The seller was asking $30 a piece for these carded masterpieces, and that seems fair considering their rarity and knockoff charm. 

I only found Laser Lung and Hearty Heart, but Toy Max also released Main Brain, Skull Scanner, Eye-Liminator, and Digo-Destroyer. You can find a images of the full line HERE.

At least, I think that's the entire line. 

Do you own any Body Wars sets? Are they MOC or loose? Please tell me in the comments below and send me pictures or post links of any pictures you have in the comments below!


I just found a complete loose lot of Body Wars micro sets on eBay! Be sure to check it out and maybe make an offer! If I could afford it I would totally snatch these up! If anyone goes for it and buys these please let me know! I would love to see some close-ups of the characters.

Left to right, from top: Main Brain, Hearty Heart, Skull Scanner, Eye-Liminator, Laser Lung, & Digo-Destroyer

Enter the macabre world of micro playsets

The 80's & 90's were a great time, a time of amazing toy fads. Pogs, Skip-It, Tamagotchi, Beanie Babies, Furbies, and best of all micro play sets!

It all started with Galoob's Micro Machines, those awesome little cars my brother and I would play with for hours, making itty bitty little off-road race circuits in the back yard. Micro Machines were crazy profitable, and other toy companies wanted in on the craze. Enter Bluebird toys, Polly Pocket and Mighty Max are a huge hit and more companies decide to cash in on the craze.

Years later the craze has died down, law suits abound and toy companies don't make teeny tiny toys anymore because some poor kid might choke and sue them for millions. "Micro" play sets are still made, sure, but they're not as teeny-tiny and as cool as they used to be.

This blog is my feeble attempt to catalog the gigantic world of micro toys. Just trying to catalog the Polly Pocket toy line is sheer madness, let alone all micro play sets! This will truly be Micro Macabre.

UPDATE-Blog Features

I have added a list of  "Micro Worlds by Brand and "Micro Worlds by Toy Line" on the side that will link up to all posts relating to those toy lines and brands. I have also created a "List O' Brands" and a "List O' Toy Lines" that I will add to as I discover new micro play sets. If you know of a micro toy line/brand I have missed please let me know in the comments below!